Karl Smith’s Work

After any amount of time and experience in the world it becomes harder and harder to express what you can do and what you have done.

The drive towards a simpler hiring experience using systems like Peoplesoft and Workday makes finding people that exactly fit a requirement easier and removes people like me. The ones who can think outside the box, challenge the current status quo and are able to innovate or be a catalyst for viable and sustainable change. People like me are hard to find as hard as it is to find clients who really think they can achieve a 3500% increase in profit, market capture or business optimization that reduces costs by 35% improves speed to market by 18 months on every product line, increases quality and while gaining a positive reputation.

My full work experience covers over 30 pages of a resume, global major brands to governments and charities with over 150 projects. I have therefore decided to let people find the content they are interested in through search engine optimization (SEO). I’m using my knowledge of multidimensional content objects to build a multisite system and information architecture for storytelling. I will anonymize my clients for a number of reasons, but I will publish their category by horizontal, vertical and in some cases value and outcome slices (where applicable) the delivery location, employee size, valuation and sector and/or sub sector of the organisation or company. I have kept copies of all my work but never published it before, hopefully this will reduce the number of portfolios I have endured over the years from other candidates with my work in them.

I hope you enjoy the content and if you’d like to hire me B2B please use the contact form.

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