Treasury Application for Global FMCG Company

Client Company: Hidden
Employees: 155,000
Valuation: €78.692 billion
Location: London, UK
Technology: Bespoke TMS (Murex, Calypso, Tm5)
Sector: FMCG
Sub Sector: Finance and Asset Management
Product: Treasury


I was brought in as part of team at the presales point, I led the solution strategy and functional requirements engagement liaising with each of the three treasury leaders based upon their remits.


The client was dealing with immense complexity around locked in funds, the inability to leverage assets and liquidity in a timely fashion and an organisational hierarchy with a thousand staff making treasury opaque rather than transparent.


I created concept models for a new TMS for a slice through organisational taxonomies, regional tax regulation and finance asset management terminology. The slice exposed quick win points though a big data integration which was converted into actions to take as the primary prompts from the system, rather than the then prevalent GIS outputs of other systems for analysts (although this function was available for date interrogation and audit).

Outcome and Value

The client agreed to a multi year multi million contract to implement the capability defined in my concepts, the system did not fit any of the then TMS standard systems so a bespoke system was built with a 25 year service contract valued at €80 million. The value to the client was to automate data inputs and outputs reducing the size of their treasury department by 80%, gaining actionable insights in 30 minutes instead of the previous 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the priority.

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