National Health Service Patient Records System

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Client Company: Hidden
Employees: 12,000 
Valuation: € 3.8 billion (yearly budget)
Location: Hidden (not the United Kingdom)
Technology: Hidden
Sector: Government
Sub Sector: Healthcare
Product: Live Patient Records System


The client wanted to build a healthcare patients records system to be used by clinicians and administrators to both support diagnostics and treatment resourcing for a new national system


The initial project was focused on a single Health Centre (Doctors Surgery) and eliciting all the data types and data processes including transformations to make the Centre Functional. The intent was to then focus on a hospital Outpatients as the next logical data point, followed by A&E as a gateway to multiple specializations.


My role was that of Information Architect (Data Architect and Programme Strategist, since I proposed the scenario) to both elicit the data attributes and propose the data models. The essential part from my side was the ontology (relationships between data) because Healthcare was not my specialization, thankfully I had three SME’s available to me. The initial relationship model of one Doctor to many Patients was a helpful model (it was changed as it became clearer that the health journey for a single or multiple ailments required additional primary key Doctors, Surgeons, Counsellors, Specialists etc.).

Outcome and Value

The Data modelling led to the creation of a data management architecture (server system), data gathering device application, secure wireless network and new ways of working in terms of next best action by Clinical staff based upon the patient’s most recent records, historical records which saved many lives that would have been lost. The system has been updated over the years, but from a successful Health Centre (Doctors Surgery), to a Hospital to a group of the two in one Geography then the whole country the Patients records system is fully functional and has been for over 20 years.

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