National Driving Rehabilitation and Training System

Ministry of Justice
Client Company: Hidden
Employees: 77,000
Valuation: –
Location: London, UK
Sector: Government
Sub Sector: Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Policing
Product: Rehabilitation of Offenders


I was brought in to a highly complex secure software development programme where the intent was to retrain drivers who committed speeding related offences would be retrained on their first offence rather than just be given points. It was considered a form of rehabilitation and refocus into the the impact of speeding and the mindset of the offenders.


The project was already in development when I joined even though I was supposed to design the system. The client was an internal government agency who had created the requirements and were clearly the subject matter experts in the new government policy, the expected outcomes and the environment in which the system would be used. Unusually they had a national remit which gave them the scale to deliver a high degree of value to the government and taxpayers.


The requirements package was huge and very well constructed. After I read it, I spoke with the project manager and stopped the development because the team had not read the full requirements and were building the system from the beginning of the requirements that described one user group and one set of features for them. There were in fact six user types and each had either unique features or entry into the same features from different perspectives. Since it was a .NET development the time was not lost and the development team could move on to other work while I designed the main feature sets and user entry point and end to end journey system.

Outcome and Value

The system was delivered and installed on national secure server system, it has now been operational for over 10 years.

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