KYC Private Banking

Client Company: Hidden
Employees: –
Valuation: €223.1 billion
Location: London, UK
Technology: iOS Application
Sector: Financial Services
Sub Sector: Banking
Product: Know Your Customer KYC


I was brought in as to design a KYC application for Private Banking client relationship management.


The client want to ensure a more reliable customer lifecycle engagement. The target client group are very time poor and often use a third party’s to manage financial service engagements but they do like to remain informed and be able to direct investment activities.


I had previously worked with HNW and UHNW audiences on both investment portfolios and fx based systems. Having had that experience I was able to engage with the client team on the feature list required to deliver an end to end experience for KYC and upselling of financial products and services. I researched and designed the customer journey maps for the full customer lifecycle from onboarding through product adoption and into portfolio management then simplified the key touch points for inclusion into a mobile application.

Outcome and Value

There were two critical outcomes; a rationalisation and oversight on when to conduct KYC and a trajectory of common offerings post KYC. Both of these factors are essential for oversight and regulatory compliance. The creation of a common set of touchpoints enabled a much more focused and business led approach to customer engagements that supported unique offerings, but made them and their risk transparent to the bank.

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