FMCG Customer Experience Management

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Client Company: Hidden
Employees: 130,000
Valuation: €6.436 billion
Location: San Francisco, USA
Technology: Artificial Intelligence and CX Automation
Sector: FMCG
Sub Sector: Customer Experience Management
Product: Online eCommerce


I was brought in as part of team at the presales point, I led the solution strategy and functional requirements engagement liaising with the Chief Technology Officer and senior managers.


The company at this time was mainly bricks and mortar and had been online for less than ten years. Their digital assets were widely distributed through affiliate marketing and the reason for the decision to buy was unclear from their downstream acquisition processes making live engagement difficult and the bases of their upstream engagements the first transaction.


The client had employed site based analytics to express what was happening but did not understand why people would choose them and were not able to adapt quickly to changes in customer needs and desires. I proposed a reworking of their content object model to make it easier to track data attributes and enable pattern analysis at the micro level across thousands of products using advanced analytics through artificial intelligence. I defined the additional data attributes required for the interaction design to be effective and the automation principles that would be applied in various scenarios. By restaging their data model customer experience management automation rules could then be applied to support the entry experience and the next best action for customers and deliver a custom publishing experience through dynamic content. The new capability was A/Z tested with 100,000 customers over a three month period before it was launched first to logged in users and then to all users.

Outcome and Value

The outcome was a dramatic increase in online sales of 15%, better experience for customers, high retention and better acquisition. The value was to support customers in a constant conversation with the client company and establish customer profiles and mapping of regular purchases. This enabled automated on site options, email engagements, social media engagement and cross selling.

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