Fashion Retail move to Ecommerce

UK Fashion Retail Company Logos
Client Company: Hidden
Employees: 78,000
Valuation: €7.79 billion
Location: London, UK
Technology: iOS iPad, iPhone
Sector: Retail
Sub Sector: Fashion
Product: Ecommerce


The client wanted a proposal on how they could enter Ecommerce as their business was a highly successful bricks and mortar business already.


The major issue with ecommerce and this retailer was the low unit value and that their target market at that time were not shopping online.


I conducted research into the fashion industry that was already engaged online, much of it was was focused on the high fashion mode of looks and seasons a particularly good transition from vogue type engagement to ecommerce was As Seen on Screen ASOS. Their business model was to sell the same but hard to otherwise source production versions of these fashion items. I proposed that the client capture the whole look and make it available as a single purchase, effectively buying the whole new look and driving up the basket cost. Like the couture online magazines the design included the context for the looks as a short editorial and a buy all option. Given how women make their daily looks there was an option to buy individual items but it was not the primary action previous research had shown that fashion shoppers use the basket as a final selection area so pictures were included.

Outcome and Value

The first version of the iPhone App was created in three days to show the client what was possible (you need really good developers to work like this) with the full design within three weeks. The client did not proceed with the app and to this date has still not got a mobile ecommerce presence or provide any kind of online shopping to its customers.

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