Credit Card System for Governments and Global Corporations

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Client Company: Hidden
Employees: 69,651
Valuation: $495.426 billion
Location: Minneapolis, USA
Technology: TSYS2
Sector: Financial Services
Sub Sector: Corporate Banking
Product: Payments Credit Card Services


This project I worked on twice for two different clients, it was that massive multi year programme of work, the first time I was involved it was near the start and I was able to help the client dramatically and enable the correct focus for the service and technology architecture.


The client was assured that they were responding to their clients desires, delivering a service that their clients wanted in the way that they wanted.


At this time there was the beginnings a move towards self service in retail banking but the client was adamant that corporate account teams supporting clients was their big selling point in fact their competitive advantage. I asked if we could test this, at first they were not keen until I explained the other advantages of engaging the corporate clients in terms of identifying low hanging fruit for quick customer wins and that such an engagement would be great PR and could be, with the correct waivers be used in corporate communications and marketing. The client agreed, my role was to set the terms of the work, recruit the user research agency and target the work then present it back to the client. Firstly I conducted a high level data analysis from the full client list and determined that targeting the Eastern United States provided concentrations of the client types that both represented the clients core market and their emergent markets. Although based in Scotland I have a global business network and was aware of really good user research agencies in Boston, NYC and Miami. I duly engaged a user research agency in NYC and briefed them in person as I was in NYC presenting to other clients and setting up a Design Office for a client. We confirmed a five location testing engagement that included Boston, NYC, Wilmington, Washington and Miami. This was a huge undertaking and as always budgets were tight, the user research agency did a fantastic job. I helped define the questions and reviewed both the raw data and their findings.

Outcome and Value

The overall findings were a bit of a shock to the client, the customer experience was almost the exact opposite of what they thought. The customers felt trapped and limited by the corporate account support teams. They wanted to have greater and quicker control of their credit card systems and do the work when it was needed not when the account team was available. There were lots of compliments regarding issue resolution, card creation and monitoring, but they were offset by the changing priorities of the customers. The split was 92% for self service as a result of my intervention that function of the system became a priority that required a whole design engagement.

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