Month: July 2020

Global Education Publishing Organisational Design and Mobile First WCMS Solution

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Client Company: Hidden Employees: 6,000 Valuation: €5.000 billion Location: Hidden Technology: WCMS Sector: Publishing Sub Sector: Educational – B2B, B2C, C2C Services Product: Online eCommerce and Private Social Network Background The client had a number of issues with their existing web presence and had tried an failed to resolve them over the years with their technology department.  ….  Read More

Commonwealth Flags

National Health Service Patient Records System

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Client Company: Hidden Employees: 12,000  Valuation: € 3.8 billion (yearly budget) Location: Hidden (not the United Kingdom) Technology: Hidden Sector: Government Sub Sector: Healthcare Product: Live Patient Records System Background The client wanted to build a healthcare patients records system to be used by clinicians and administrators to both support diagnostics and treatment resourcing for ….  Read More